About Maldives

Dots on the map, but stunning on the inside, rich in beauty, history and culture, the archipelago consisting of 1,190 coral islands that stretches wonderfully across the Indian Ocean is famously known to the world as the Republic of Maldives, and proudly referred as “Dhivehi Raajje” by the locals.

Powered by the exotic sun, sea and sand the Maldives tourism industry is the biggest in the country, with more than 1000 tourist accommodations of different types; resort island, city hotel, liveaboard and island hotel (guesthouse).

Adding to the luxury, beauty and relaxation received at the accommodations, water sports, excursions, island hoppingexperiences, night shing and many more such activities canbe enjoyed by the guests travelling to any part of Maldives. Even though Maldives has a population of a few hundred thousands, the welcoming nature of the Maldivians and the top levels of hospitality that can be experienced in the Maldives allow for an ideal holiday experience in this tropical holiday destination, loved by millions.